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How to Measure for Your Custom Leather Chaps

Measure points 1-6, placing a piece of masking tape on the pants at each point. Measure the distance between each piece of tape (points 7-14). On second leg, start at hip, place a piece of tape at points 1-6 using distance measurements 7-11, which you took on first leg. Measure the circumference of the leg at points 1-6 like you did on first leg. Write measurements in appropriate spaces on chart.

1. Hip (where chap will rest)
2. Thigh (top of thigh)
3. Mid-thigh
4. Above knee
5. Calf (at widest point)
6. Anklebone
7. Rise (between hip & thigh)
8. Thigh to mid-thigh
9. Mid-thigh to above knee
10. Above knee to calf
11. Calf to ankle
12. Anklebone to floor
13. Inseam: thigh to floor
14. Outseam: hip to floor


Check Options
suede out  
  smooth out
kind of leather   color
yes  no
monogram hip
on belt
yes   no
yes   no
yes   no
yes   no
calf patch
yes   no
yes   no
yes   no


Top Grain Leather Chaps - Base Price
Belt Yolk Options
Python belt
Lizard belt
Calf belt (hair-on) color
Karung snake belt color
Inlay color and type   1 40.00 | 2 50.00 | 3 60.00
Monogram with fancy stitching
Monogram letters & color
Lacing woven in back of belt-color
Adjustable lace back
3 piece silver buckle set
Piping on belt (standard) color
Snake piping on belt-color
Python piping on belt-color
Buckstitch on belt (large)
Buckstitch on belt (small)
Beading info        
Needle point info
Inlay needlepoint
Needlepoint 1-3 letters
Needlepoint 4-6 letters
Additional letters each
Shading on letters
Sterling conchos
$10.00 & up
Leg Options
Python leg strips   color
Lizard leg strips   color
Hair-on calf leg strips   color
Imprint leg strips   color
Piping (standard) single   color
Piping (standard) double    color
Snake piping single    color
Snake piping double    color
Buckstitch large   color
Buckstitch small   color
Fringe single | suede   smooth
Fringe double | suede   smooth
Calf patch
Full leg patch
Balance Due  
Customer Information
Customer name    Date
Special instructions


Leather, snake, & piping may vary slightly due to dye lot differences.
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